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Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions Path Cert. AZ-400

Il Corso Azure Devops Design and Implementation è un focus tecnologico specializzato per la pianificazione ed il disegno implementativo delle soluzioni "Azure Dev Ops".
Il corso è rivolto a System Admin , Engineering e Dev Ops Architect oltre che Consultant.


min. 8 gg piano Formativo Personalizzazibile 


Frequenza First Consulting 


Propedeutico  AZ -400


Azure Dev Ops 
Dev Ops Engineering 
DevOps Admin


Develop an instrumentation strategy 

Design and implement logging

  • assess and configure a logging framework

  • design a log aggregation and storage strategy (e.g., Azure storage)

  • design a log aggregation and query strategy (e.g., Azure Monitor, Splunk, Exabeam, LogRhythm)

  • interrogate Log Analytics logs using basic Kusto (KQL) queries

  • manage access control to logs (workspace-centric/resource-centric) integrate crash analytics (App Center Crashes, Crashlytics)


Design and implement telemetry

  • design and implement distributed tracing

  • inspect application performance indicators

  • inspect infrastructure performance indicators

  • define and measure key metrics (CPU, memory, disk, network)

  • implement alerts on key metrics (email, SMS, webhooks, Teams/Slack)

  • integrate user analytics (e.g., Application Insights funnels, Visual Studio App Center, TestFlight, Google Analytics)

Integrate Logging and monitoring solutions

  • configure and integrate container monitoring (Azure Monitor, Prometheus, etc.)

  • configure and integrate with monitoring tools (Azure Monitor Application Insights, Dynatrace, New Relic, Naggios, Zabbix)

  • create feedback loop from platform monitoring tools (e.g., Azure Diagnostics extension,

  • Log Analytics agent, Azure Platform Logs, Event Grid)

manage Access control to the monitoring platform

Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy

Develop an actionable alerting strategy

  • identify and recommend metrics on which to base alerts

  • implement alerts using appropriate metrics

  • implement alerts based on appropriate log messages

  • implement alerts based on application health checks

  • analyze combinations of metrics

  • develop communication mechanism to notify users of degraded systems

  • implement alerts for self-healing activities (e.g., scaling, failovers)

Design a failure prediction strategy

  • analyze behavior of system with regards to load and failure conditions

  • calculate when a system will fail under various conditions

  • measure baseline metrics for system

  • leverage Application Insights Smart Detection and Dynamic thresholds in Azure Monitor

Design and implement a health check

  • analyze system dependencies to determine which dependency should be included in health check

  • calculate healthy response timeouts based on SLO for the service

  • design approach for partial health situations

  • design approach for piecemeal recovery (e.g., to improve recovery time objective strategies)

  • integrate health check with compute environment

  • implement different types of health checks (container liveness, startup, shutdown)

Develop a security and compliance plan

Design an authentication and authorization strategy

  • design an access solution (Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM), Azure AD Conditional Access, MFA, Azure AD B2B, etc.)

  • implement Service Principals and Managed Identity

  • design an application access solution using Azure AD B2C

  • configure service connections

Design a sensitive information management strategy

  • evaluate and configure vault solution (Azure Key Vault, Hashicorp Vault)

  • manage security certificates

  • design a secrets storage and retrieval strategy (KeyVault secrets, GitHub secrets, Azure Pipelines secrets)

  • formulate a plan for deploying secret files as part of a release

Develop security and compliance

  • automate dependencies scanning for security (container scanning, OWASP)

  • automate dependencies scanning for compliance (licenses: MIT, GPL)

  • assess and report risks

  • design a source code compliance solution (e.g., GitHub Code scanning, GitHub Secret scanning, pipeline-based scans, Git hooks, SonarQube, Dependabot, etc.)

Design governance enforcement mechanisms

  • implement Azure policies to enforce organizational requirements

  • implement container scanning (e.g., static scanning, malware, crypto mining)

  • design and implement Azure Container Registry Tasks

  • design break-the-glass strategy for responding to security incidents

Manage source control

Develop a modern source control strategy

  • integrate/migrate disparate source control systems (e.g., GitHub, Azure Repos)

  • design authentication strategies

  • design approach for managing large binary files (e.g., Git LFS)


Design and Implementing Azure DevOps Solution:

  • Azure Dev Ops Reference Architecture e Design soluzioni

  • Gestione Full life Cycle delle soluzioni ed Architetture implementate

  • Disegno e Gestione delle strategie di implementazioni adottabili 

  • Disegno e Gestione degli aspetti di Security by design (GDPR) Azure Dev Ops 




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