The Developing Applications for the Java(TM) EE Platform training helps you develop the knowledge to build and deploy enterprise applications that comply with Java(TM) Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 technology standards. This course is ideal for Sun(TM) Certified Java technology programmers who want to develop enterprise applications that conform to the Java EE platform standards.

Learn To:

  • Describe the application model for the Java EE platform and the context for the model.

  • Understand enterprise components and work with (JSP(TM)) technology.

  • Create web services using SOAP and RESTful techniques.

  • Assemble and deploy an application into an application server (Java EE platform runtime environment).

  • Develop expertise using Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) (EJB(TM)) technology.

  • Become familiar wtih the Java Persistence API.

  • Create user interfaces using servlets, JSP technology (JSP pages) and JavaServer Faces (JSF).

  • Develop simple web services for the Java EE platform.

  • Understand RESTful and SOAP web services and the Java technology clients who use them.

By investing in this course, you'll learn how to boost the productivity, communication and collaboration of your organization. You'll reduce the cost of application ownership through executing more efficient development techniques, while maintaining your edge as you stay current with the global standard for developing networked applications.

Throughout the course, you'll also perform lab exercises using NetBeans(TM)Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Expert Oracle University instructors will help you gain hands-on experience building an end-to-end, distributed business application. You'll get a chance to explore session EJB components, which implement the Session Facade pattern and provide a front-end to entity components using the Java Persistence API. Finally, you'll deep dive into message-driven EJB components as well, which act as Java Message Service (JMS) consumers.

This is a relevant and worthwhile course to take if you have Java Programming experience and would like a broad overview of the Java EE platform. It's also an ideal course to invest in if you're planning to take one or more of the Enterprise Java EE6 certification exams.


5 days


  • Survey of Java EE Technologies

  • Enterprise Application Architecture

  • Web Technology Overview

  • Developing Servlets

  • Developing With JavaServer Pages Technology

  • JavaServer Faces

  • EJB Overview

  • Implementing EJB 3.0 Session Beans

  • The Java Persistence API

  • Implementing a Transaction Policy

  • Developing Asynchronous Java EE Applications and Messaging

  • Developing Message-Driven Beans

  • Web Service Model

  • Implementing Java EE Web Services with JAX-WS and JAX-RS

  • Implementing a Security Policy




  • Select the correct Java EE Profile for a given application

  • Develop and run an EJB technology application

  • Develop basic Java Persistence API entity classes to enable database access

  • Develop a web-based user interface using Servlets, JSPs, and JSF



At the end of this course every learner will receive a certificate of attendance.


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